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Beating the Stay-At-Home Blues

It seems only yesterday we were having dinner parties, traveling and shopping at our favorite stores, but all that came to a screeching halt due to COVID-19. Since then we have been staying at home, wearing masks in public and distancing ourselves from everyone including friends and family. It is fair to say that after several months of being on locked down our minds are ready to check out!

If there is one thing this pandemic has taught us is to be more creative with our day- to- day and the importance of friends and family. Thankfully, there are some very healthy alternatives to help combat that cabin fever feeling while we wait patiently (and some not so patiently) for our favorite spots to re-open.

Here are some simple ways you can combat the stay-at-home- blues:

1.Backyard Fun

Whether you cook it yourself or order out change things up by having a picnic in the backyard. If you have little ones have water balloons and other fun activities planned, turn it into a backyard field day!

If you live an apartment we understand there are limitations, try themed dinners a blanket, some pillows on the balcony or the living room floor, a sheet for a tent, music and decorative string lights can transcend.

2. Secret Shopper

Get your face mask on and jump in the car, drop off a friendly card to say how much you miss someone add some goodies you know they enjoy or maybe pick up groceries for an elderly family/friend. Then watch from your car as you make their day. Not only are you helping someone in need, but it will improve your mental state and mood.

3. Explore the outdoors

Visit a park, they are now opening many parks, choose one with wildlife and places to explore, or canoe for an incredible family excursion adventure. It can be fun and a wonderful way for the whole family to get some fresh air!

4. Drive-by-Birthday/Graduation

We know the situation with graduations and birthdays this year can be heartbreaking for some, but it doesn't have to be. Arrange a block party for that special birthday boy/girl or graduate, have music, balloons and a sign placed outside; invite friends, family and neighbors to come by, and help you celebrate that special day. Remember to continue to practice distancing by having everyone remain in their cars. Don't forget to include cupcakes that can be individually wrapped and small hand sanitizers or wipes to give with goody bag.

All though the lock-downs wont be forever we do acknowledge COVID-19 has ushered in some big changes in our lives that have caused many to experience feelings of anxiety, depression, and isolation. It is important that if you are struggling with these feelings you see your doctor, or speak to a medically qualified counselor. Together we can help each other stay safe and sound.


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