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Dealing with Back Pain

So often we take the joy of feeling well and pain free for granted. However, many of us will suffer from acute or chronic back pain at some point during the adult years. There are many causes for back pain, among the most common are degenerative disc disease, infection, muscle sprains and spinal nerve complications. Primary line of treatment include anti-inflammatories, muscle relaxants, oral steroids and stretching exercises. These options should always be explored, especially once a clear diagnosis has been established and prior to considering invasive surgery. Surgical intervention always holds the potential for further complications, in particular when dealing with spinal problems, thus less invasive options are initially recommended by medical providers.

In order to maintain a healthy back and to avoid stiffness, stretching exercises are a great habit to adopt. Click on this link to review stretching exercises recommended by the Mayo Clinic. For further information and evaluation consult your symptoms with Dr. Jennifer and Carlos Romero.


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